Hawaiian BBQ Nishikawa Ramen

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  • jdro*****@gmail.com posted at 12/5/2023
    Hello, I'm Josh Ronding and first gotta say, great food! Yesterday I was in for lunch and grabed some togos. I'm missing my chicken katsu, everything else was spot on as usual. I'm not complaining, I'm not wanting a refund, I'm wanting it in my belly! LOl. I would like to come and get it. Please call/text or email me at jdronding@gmail.com or 623-212-7564. Thank you 
  • oke****@merepost.com posted at 10/24/2023
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  • jennife*******@gmail.com posted at 10/8/2023
    Restaurant tried to get me to pay extra money for a pick up order seeing that the tip said 0.00 for pickup and they changed the price to a higher price. Won’t be ordering from this place again. 
  • tomc*****@gmail.com posted at 6/3/2023
    Very good 👍👍